The Honey P Shop Experience

The shop has been established for about 1 year now and the feedback has been positive... I have no complaints! People have been embracing the scriptural lifestyle by purchasing items that they use in everyday life. Several 5-star testimonials rave about products that have helped combat personal problems. And enamoured customers are buying gifts for their friends and family.

In the Spring of 2021, Honey P Shop hosted giveaways on the Instagram platform and 6 winners received notebooks, laptop sleeves, and pillows that promoted the Scriptural Lifestyle. Instagram followers have been viewing stories that give more insight into many things including my life, helpful product details, DIY ideas and overall inspiration for how to improve any house and home. The social media following is growing, organically, and I hope to build a relationship of trust with the online community.

Overall, the response has been very encouraging and I want to continue to improve the Honey P Shop experience for both shoppers and followers. Many thanks to all of the supporters so far!

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