What is a Scriptural Lifestyle?

Scriptural · scrip·tur·al /ˈskrip(t)SHərəl/ adjective: from or relating to the Bible.

Lifestyle · life·style /ˈlīfˌstīl/ noun: the way in which a person or group lives.


I grew up in an imperfect household filled with love, joy, and peace, supplied by a Perfect Lord. As a child, I always admired the fact that I had a mommy and daddy to call my very own. I noticed that our home had a standard of righteousness upheld throughout the years and though we came under many attacks, the Spirit of God wiped out the enemy’s plans.


Looking around our home, the Smithson household, you can often spot a Bible being opened, hear a gospel melody being sung (in 3-part harmony), or see encouraging scripture framed and placed high on a wall. The revelation of scriptures being inspired by the living, breathing, Holy Spirit is what birthed the Honey P Shop brand. We believe that every home can be impacted greatly when the Holy Scriptures are introduced. A scriptural lifestyle is faithful and victorious. The evidence of Jesus Christ in a scriptural lifestyle will bring life-changing love, joy, and peace to any household.


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  • Thanks so much Janeth. We love & appreciate you. May the Lord continue to prosper you and the family xoxo God Bless

  • Love you guys lots. Janeth

    Simone I am so very proud of you and your family, I pray every blessings on your new venue... God richly bless you, your mom and dad in all you do. Proud of you guys. Janeth

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